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Let Us do all the work.

Do you currently have a investment property being managed by another agent, or you may even manage it yourself.  To change agents is a simple process, one that we look after for you and you wont have to contact the existing if you don’t want to

We will complete the necessary documentation and transfer paperwork and contact your existing agent on your behalf.  We will arrange collection of the files, keys and all property and tenant information, ensuring that this is in order. We will notify the tenant and also start our process of management by setting a tenant meeting and inspection to make sure that the process goes smoothly.

We will keep you informed along the way to ensure that all you questions are answered.


Is you property currently for lease?

If your property’s currently on the market for lease with another agent, then please give us a call so we can assist you. We always monitor the local market and have upto date knowledge of rental returns in the greater Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coast areas.

Not happy with your current property manager?

It happens far too often, many real estate agents focus on property sales rather than rentals and view the rental department as an add on, or something that just sits in the corner.   Many property managers find themselves in a job they really don’t understand and most don’t even understand or relate to the principal reason that investors buy property for.

We are here to prove that this is not the case, as property investors ourselves, we not only understand what it takes to own and manage a property but we actually feel we do it better than anyone else because of the relationship we build to understand you.

Property Management is our sole focus, and when you focus one one thing only then you tend to get great results.  For us looking after your investment property is our primary concern, we want you, and our tenants, to be happy and prosperous.  After all isn’t that the most important thing?


I’ve Heard It All Before!

I hear you saying that I’ve heard all the promises before about offering a good service!  I’ve even heard all the lines about property managers not returning calls or emails, not completing inspections, taking water meter readings, ordering or checking maintenance…the list goes on and on.

Every property manager will say they do everything.  Well after being in the property management industry for over 7  years, I’ve seen countless staff come and go, two years is about the average if you’re lucky, but I’ve seen and heard about companies moving staff on after a couple of months!

The majority of property managers are not career based, don’t own investment properties, or understand the reasons that people buy them inn the first place, not great if your asking them to manage your investment!

We have taken all the great aspects of the business of property management and put it together in one company, dedicated to helping all our clients improve and increase their returns with positive pro active property management.





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